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Presentations (and Notes) are the secret superpowers to project success.


Some key elements to keep in your presentations. Each bullet is it's own page:

  • Cover

  • Problem

  • Goal

  • Approach

  • Constraints

  • Examples

  • Prototypes / Movement

  • Notes (showing what has been addressed, what is a placeholder, assets needed to move forward)

  • Thank you end slide

Keynote or Tome are great resources to use to present your work. Download the Tome template shown in the video above.

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Notes Template

A simple powerful trick for project success is to take notes in your meetings.

I used this framework to help me stay accurate to what was needed and to stay accountable to myself and team members.

I'd put the color emojis next to the status of the project task. Bonus points to quote who said what so you can always have a source of where the info / comment came from.

Copy and paste this into your Apple Notes app:

Date + Project or Meeting Name


📑 Notes:

🔴 Needs quick attention

🟠 Needs team work attention (meaning you did your part but you need someone else's help to complete)

✅ Task completed

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Reality Distortion Field.

Thinking Different.


Embracing the Reality Distortion Field: Lessons from Steve Jobs

The reality distortion field (RDF), a term that emerged from the Apple community, refers to the ability to shape and challenge conventional thinking and create a new reality.

Here's how we can apply this approach:

This phenomenon was famously associated with the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. Jobs' relentless innovation, work ethic, and visionary mindset contributed to his embodiment of the RDF.

The RDF describes a unique and magnetic aura that Steve Jobs exuded. It characterizes his ability to convince others that seemingly impossible ideas were not only possible but imperative.

Whether it was designing revolutionary products or expanding the boundaries of technology, Jobs crafted a new reality that transcended the limits of the status quo. His unwavering belief in his visions inspired his teams, stakeholders, and ultimately the world.

The RDF is not about distorting facts or deluding oneself into impossibility. Instead, it is about viewing challenges as opportunities and pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be achievable.

Jobs consistently challenged the existing norms, refusing to accept limitations or constraints imposed by others. This thinking fostered an environment of creativity and encouraged his teams to strive for breakthroughs, regardless of how audacious the ideas may seem.

Jobs' RDF was complemented by his relentless work ethic. He possessed an unwavering commitment to his vision and an exceptional attention to detail.

Rather than merely relying on abstract talk, he insisted on actualizing his ideas through hard work. This dedication transformed his revolutionary concepts into tangible products that changed entire industries.

By embracing Jobs' work ethic and vision to believe in our ideas, we can propel ourselves toward realizing our own ideas and products, laying the groundwork for success.

One of the core elements of the RDF is the courage to challenge conventional wisdom.

Jobs' ability to question established norms enabled him to disrupt existing markets, ushering in transformations that others deemed not only impossible but unnecessary.

We can learn from his fearlessness in questioning traditional approaches, embracing risk, and standing firm in the pursuit of creating something truly groundbreaking.

To truly harness the RDF, we must nurture our creativity and imagination.

Jobs believed that creativity was not limited to select individuals but rather a skill that could be developed through persistent effort.

By creating a system that encourages experimentation, openness to failure, and unbounded thinking, we can discover new perspectives, invent novel solutions, and bring our ideas to life.

The reality distortion field epitomized Steve Jobs' ability to envision and create a new reality. It symbolizes the power of pushing beyond perceived limits, challenging the status quo, and relentless pursuit of one's vision.

By incorporating Jobs' RDF into our own lives, we can cultivate innovation, develop a fierce work ethic, challenge conventional thinking, and unlock our creative potential.

Let us embrace the RDF in our journey to build our own ideas and products, creating a future that transcends the boundaries of the present.

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